Why Bring in the Series

  • 10 virtual presentations for the price of one in-person keynote.
  • Bring in the country's top young entrepreneurs into your classroom no matter where you are. Your participants are guaranteed to relate to the presenters.
  • Provide repeated, in-depth exposure on a number of topics so participants can fully understand and feel confident starting a business.

How Other Organizations Are Using the Virtual Speaker Series

  • Bring dry subjects like finance to life with a young entrepreneur's story of how they learned finance the hard way.
  • Offer top-notch, hard-to-get national speakers into your region even if it's located off the beaten path or you don't have the funds to get them to campus.
  • Provide co-curricular, community-building programming for distance learning students.
  • Provide a speaker series through a student club or other co-curricular program.
  • Have a donor or local company sponsor the series.

Interactive Components

Every single attendee will be able to participate via their cell phone.
  • Text message and chat Q&A, comments, and voting: Every single participants can use their cell phone or computer to be involved. Students who would normally be too shy to ask a question, are more likely to be involved.

  • Giveaways: Prizes will be given to individuals who are the first to particpate or respond on trivia questions.

  • Speaker and event handouts and freebies: Attendees will receive free goodies from our sponsors. Past freebies have included bags, pens, software, and entrepreneurship magazines.

Technical Requirements

  • Room where attendees have good cell phone reception. Participants will be interacting each other, asking questions of the speaker, and answering trivia questions with their cell phone.

  • Internet connection with the ability to stream live video. Having a high-speed connection is critical for ensuring that there is no lag on the connections.

  • Screen and projector so audience can view presentation. A room with a projection system that everyone can clearly see is needed.

  • Speaker system connected to computers so audience can listen to presentation. Having a clear speaker system that is loud and clear ensures maximum audience engagement.

Featured Testimonial

"We brought in the Virtual Speaker Series into our Intro to Small Business Management class. We have lots of great local entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, but we chose to bring in the Virtual Speaker Series, because the speakers are young and can really relate to the students. The professor loved bringing in real entrepreneurs into the classroom. I loved building a relationship with the professor and promoting our upcoming business plan competition. The students were engaged the whole presentation and asked lots of great questions."
Janet Runge, Director, Entrepreneurship Center, University of Las Vegas - Nevada

"We're located on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a rural region, which makes it hard for us to cost-effectively attract national speakers. The Virtual Speaker Series was a great opportunity to provide our local high school and college students with access to cutting-edge tools, resources, and ideas that they wouldn't know about otherwise. We plan to bring back the Series next year."
Deb Nedeau, Youth Project Manager, Michigan Works Association


Institutions can subscribe to one or both tracks happening concurrently during the academic year.

The Dream:
Entrepreneurship Exploration
Succeeding as an Entrepreneur:
Step-by-Step Startup Secrets
Topics Varies by industry, type of business, and gender Mentorship, idea launch, top tools, protecting your idea, sales, internet marketing, public relations, branding, raising capital, and team
Who It's For Individuals exploring and preparing to be an entrepreneur in the future Aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea they want to take action on


1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years
% Discount 0% 10% 20% 30% 40%
$ Savings $0 $1,200 $3,600 $7,200 $12,000
Investment $6,000 $10,800 $14,400 $16,800 $18,000

* Discounts are only available with full payment upon signing of contract. An additional 10% discount is provided on the Series when the Series and the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour Event or the Series and JourneyPage Virtual Business Incubator are purchased together.