Apply to be a Speaker

We're looking for the country's top young entrepreneurs to deliver keynote addresses and sit on our panels.

At each event, we're looking for:

  • One young entrepreneur (under 30) to deliver the keynote.
  • Local entrepreneurs to sit on a panel.

Why Speak With Us?!

  • Make an impact by helping to spread the entrepreneurial mindset on campuses!
  • Receive photographs and an audio-recording of your talks.
  • Receive marketing at events where you speak via an exhibit booth, flyer to all attendees, product placement on "speakers' table", and/or a soft pitch at the end of the keynote.
  • Build your portfolio with clients and testimonials from schools, students, and EET.
  • Receive evaluations from students to improve your speaking.
  • Network with other keynote speaker, panelists, school officials, and EET team.
  • Get all of your travel costs are covered (food, hotel, parking, cab, etc.)
  • Receive a copy of video from the event (if provided by school)

Goal of the Tour

The vision for our company is for every student in the United States to graduate college with an entrepreneurial mindset. The tour events accomplish this vision by exposing students to the entrepreneurial career track and inspiring them to get started right away!

Role of the Keynote Speaker

Keynote speakers play a critical role by honestly and authentically sharing their story, lessons learned, and practical advice so that attendees see:

  • The benefits of getting started young
  • Success is more determined by getting started and keeping on going rather than age, money, or academic intelligence
  • Practical steps to getting started right away

We've found that being honest about your challenges really helps students see themselves as entrepreneurs instead of making excuses like, "Ok. Maybe he can do that, but I don't have enough [money/time/knowledge/confidence/etc.]

Keynotes last for 30 minutes and include basic A/V equipment (microphone, PowerPoint). The best keynote speakers are really good at keeping their presentation:

  • High-energy and engaging
  • Honest and authentic by sharing their lows and highs
  • Practical and easy to understand
  • On-time

Keynote speakers also serve as a panelist on the one-hour panel at the end of each event. Panelists each speak for 5-10 minutes and then open up to questions.


Audiences vary by location based on the following variables:

  • Traditional and non-traditional students
  • Rural, suburban, or urban
  • Fields of study
  • High school or undergraduate (mostly undergraduate)

Before each event, we send keynote speakers a speaker information packet with more information about the audience.

What all of our audiences have in common is that the large majority are not entrepreneurs. Therefore, keep the business jargon to a minimum and the more you can focus on the beginning stages of entrepreneurship and just getting started, the better.

Many schools give extra credit to students who attend the event. So keep in mind that not everybody in attendance is a gung ho entrepreneur wanna-be. Some are being exposed to it as a viable option in college for the first time.

Tour Agenda

A typical event lasts from 3:00-7:00pm, and the agenda can be customized.

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Network of Speakers

At each event, there are two keynote speakers and 2-3 local entrepreneurs.

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Apply to Be a Speaker

If you'd like to be a speaker, please send your bio to .

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