Product Details
Keynotes Provide a "fresh" perspective on innovation and entrepreneurship to your participants. Tour speakers are available year-round to deliver keynotes at schools, corporations, and other organizations on entrepreneurship and innovation.
Tour Event Bring in the flagship Extreme Entrepreneurship product to inspire your audience. This event is four hours long and has been held over 120 times.
Business Startup Boot Camp Help your participants turn their passions and ideas into viable businesses with paying customers in this one-day event.
Virtual Speaker Series Deliver continuing education to reach more students and keep them connected to a source of inspiration. Speaker series events include a keynote following by an interactive Q&A session.
Virtual Business Incubator Provide the benefits of a business incubator to your participants at a much lower cost. The Virtual Business Incubator provides a coaching/mentorship platform coupled with exclusive entrepreneurship content & resources.
Books Purchase books in bulk written by young entrepreneurs.