Case Studies

Tour Hosts See Results

Franklin County High School had to stop registrations for the dual enrollment entrepreneurship classes when the number reached 70! The EET had a huge impact and we are planning to support three separate sections to accommodate the registrations. You guys are AWESOME!
Chuck Terrell, Virginia Western Community College

After hosting the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour with the goal of launching a new entrepreneurship major, the Ohio State University had over 150 students sign up for the major. The tour and one other class were the only tactics used to promote the major.
Ohio State University

Tour Alumni Start Business

Pete Kistler and Trace Cohen

Our team at was inspired by Michael Simmons [keynote speaker and panelist] at the 2008 Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour event at Syracuse University. It helped light a fire under us to get moving on our idea: one single web platform for job applicants to diagnose, manage and monitor their web presence for career success. Since the event, we've taken action and have been recognized with a number of awards: Top 5 Finalist, Entrepreneur Magazine's College Entrepreneur of 2009; one of the Top 100 Most Innovative Collegiate Startups in the U.S.; second place in the Syracuse University's $40,000 Panasci Business Plan Competition; and Top 5 new business ideas in New York's $5,000 Creative Core Business Idea.

Stewart Christensen and Chris Levy

In 2008, we attended the Extreme Entrepreneurship event at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. At the time, we were reading various books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, and the The 4-Hour Workweek. But the conference really got us excited and gave us the final push to do something. Well, a year later, we are preparing to launch our company, Loxii wall graphics at We have also partnered with graphic designers from New York, Connecticut, and Buenos Aires. We are still full-time students, so it has taken much longer than we originally anticipated; but we remain excited and hopeful. I just wanted to personally thank you for inspiring us to do something.

Lara Bezich

In 2008, I attended the EE event at Syracuse University expecting to be inspired; and the presentations certainly met and exceeded my expectations. I especially remember Arel Moodie. He asked us to close our eyes and imagine we were lying on our death bed; and he spoke to us as though he were our dreams. He shouted, “We’re going to die tonight!” It affected me so deeply I silently burst into tears. It reminded me how much every day matters and should not be taken for granted; that we all have special purposes for being here; and not to let our negative thoughts stop us from doing and being all that we can be. I went home that night and outlined the next steps in my business plan and ordered a number of books on Amazon to support those goals, including Michael Simmons’ book, which is excellent.

In one word, starting a business takes FAITH. It takes faith that one day, all your sacrifices and struggles will be worth it. I still haven’t seen that day, but I still have the faith that I will. Even if I fail, I will not lose that faith because I have learned so much through all of this. I would try again. My business is called Muvo, movable boxes that double as furniture for people on the go ( I’ve been building it full-time since January 2009, although the concept and strategy evolved over a period of five years prior to that while I was in college. I’m currently seeking financing and working on selling my product to retailers. The best thing about being my own boss is having the freedom to choose how I work, where I work, when I work, what I work on, and what I’m working towards.