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The tour is hosted on college campuses with the support of the school, economic development organization, sponsors, grants, and/or local Small Business Development Centers. The predominant audience is college students, but the event is often customized
for high school students and older local community members as well.

The tour is much more than an event. We leverage experience from over 120 successful events to ensure that the logistics are managed professionally before the event and that
the intended impact is realized after the event.

Bring the Tour to Your School

  • Create brain gain instead of brain drain! Partner with your local economic development corporation to keep young, creative people in your local community.
  • Reach across disciplines The majority of today's top entrepreneurs did not come from a business background. The tour's content applies to all students across campus regardless of their career path.
  • Create a buzz at your school and in the local community! The tour creates a splash with its unique roster of speakers, format, and national focus.
  • Engage students! Students find the age and the humility of the speakers refreshing and inspirational! At the event, they write down their most important goals and the steps to achieve them. The tour specializes in keeping audiences excited for the entire event!
  • Help multiple departments have ownership in the tour and achieve their goals:
    • Alumni Office
    • Development Office
    • Career Services
    • Entrepreneurship Center
    • Business School
    • Student Affairs
    • Admissions

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Host Testimonials

I continue to get thank you notes from administrators and students who attended the EET! It was really a hit out here, and I want you to know you have helped light a fire out here that is really a great jumping off point for us to continue to look at entrepreneurial education for our young adults! And we thank you for that!

Judy Amoo, Dean, Business and Individual Training, Western Nebraska Community College

My students had a blast! They loved that you were so approachable. They really liked that fact that you each had overcome your own adversities. It really helped them to see that they could also succeed despite the obstacles.

Rita Friberg, Business Management and Marketing Faculty, Pueblo Community College

I thought it was a wonderful event, and we plan on bringing it back.

Harold Bell, Director of Career Planning & Development, Spelman College

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