Business Startup Boot Camp

The Business Startup Boot Camp is for organizations who truly want to help their attendees be in action and bring in revenue as soon as possible from entrepreneurship. It helps organizations build success stories and a culture where current participants are inspired by the success of former participants.

Why Aspiring Entrepreneurs Come:

Unfortunately, the large majority of would-be entrepreneurs never leave the dream stage, because they’ve never had the right training and support.

This boot camp’s sole focus is to help aspiring entrepreneurs attain the first critical milestone in starting any business, paying customers. Paying customers prove a business idea and create forward momentum.

Fortunately, reaching this milestone is much less expensive, difficult, and time-consuming than most people think.

During the boot camp attendees will:

  • Create a new business idea or refine an existing one.
  • Learn how to create a low-cost prototype.
  • Learn strategies to have customers pre-order.
  • Learn about the hottest new tools online that will reduce risk and help speed growth.
  • Walk away inspired and ready to take action.
  • Know what local resources to lean on for assistance as they grow.

Who it’s For:

Individuals of all ages committed to starting their own business immediately.

This boot camp is for those who…

  • Have been waiting for that million dollar idea to hit them.
  • Think they might have a great idea, but are now stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • Want to be an entrepreneur, but have no idea where to start.
  • Would like to moonlight as an entrepreneur while working or going to school.
  • Would like to start a new career as an entrepreneur.
  • Would like to test entrepreneurship with minimal time and money.

Call 800-930-8021 or email to learn more.

Event Format

Type Content Time
Event Introduction Attendeees learn how technology and globalization are creating new opportunities. 30 mintues
Inspirational Keynote An EET entrepreneur shares his/her story along with lessons learned. 30 minutes
Action Sesssion:
Create a Business Idea
Attendees brainstorm or refine their business idea: (1) Finding your passion (2) Identifying problems (3) Matching the two 30 minutes
Break Exhibits / Refreshments 15 minutes
Elevator Pitch Competition Attendees volunteer to share their business ideas with the audience. The audience votes on the best idea. Winner receives a prize. 30 minutes
Action Session:
Choose a Business Idea
Attendees learn the value of focus and choose one idea that they’d like to test. 30 minutes
Action Session:
Choose a Business Idea
Attendees learn the value of focus and choose one idea that they’d like to test. 30 minutes
Action Session:
Create a Prototype
Attendees learn what a prototype is and how to easily create one. Different types of prototypes are shown (One-Pager¸ Google Adwords, PowerPoint, Web Site). 45 minutes
Food Break 60 minutes
Action Session:
Test Your Business Idea
Attendees learn how to test their idea for less than $100 by getting pre-orders from customers: (1) Case Studies (2) Customer Development Strategies 45 minutes
Action Session:
Learn About Low Cost Marketing Tools
Attendees learn about and are walked through incredible, free online tools to help market their idea: (1) Leverage Social Media (2) Leverage Blogs (3) Leverage Video 45 minutes
Break Exhibits / Refreshments 15 minutes
Panel Local entrepreneurs and support providers share their story and answer audience questions. 60 minutes
Event Conclusion Attendees are challenged to commit to taking action. 30 minutes

Featured Testimonial

Margaret Spellings, Former Secretary of Education & Executive VP at National Chamber Foundation

"The presentations the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour speakers gave to our audience [National Chamber Foundation Annual Meeting] were informative and inspiring. Attendees were thoroughly invigorated by the unique style you use to share the message of free enterprise, and they now have a new understanding of how young entrepreneurs are making their business dreams into realities. It is commendable that a young group of business leaders are so adept at sharing lessons of success and failure to leaders of all ages in such a meaningful way. I look forward to working with you on future American Free Enterprise. Dream Big. events."