Video Praise for EET

We know we do good work. We know we bend over backward to make our clients happy, but we don't expect you to take our word for it. Below is just a small sampling of positive video comments we've received from students, schools, and other attendees. ALL of our events have gone really well, and we'd be happy to introduce you to any of our clients for a reference.

Deb Nedeau, Youth Project Manager, Michigan Works

I'm Deb Nedeau, and I am the Youth Project Manager for Michigan Works! The Job Force Board in Escanaba, Michigan. We just got done with the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour in Escanaba, serving Delta County and Sequoia Craft County youth. We went with middle school, high school, and college students because we want to get people excited. Here's what I can tell you: we wanted forty people to sign up for JourneyPage to use the virtual incubator and to help young people take action to start businesses. Our goal was forty. We got forty-eight tonight. We're super excited we exceeded our goal.

The other thing that happened tonight that was fantastic is we had youth and their parents leaving this conference asking questions, saying they want more, and telling us they can't imagine why we haven't been doing it more often. We want that excitement to continue. We're on the radio tomorrow. TV stations wanted us to come in and do interviews. Our community is excited now because the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour was here. The youth are excited to start businesses, the parents are there to support them, and we had decision makers who are going to be there to help us connect with local resources.

Rhonda Pole, Executive Director, Kelley Center for Entrepreneurship, Dakota Wesleyan University

Oh, the conference was awesome! We had to battle some weather, but we were so inspired, and the speakers were awesome. We just learned the high five. But this was what it's all about: entrepreneurship, fostering that spirit, encouraging others, and letting them dream their dreams. We are so excited that we had the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour here and would recommend that you guys get them to your campus. We're going to have them back.
Mitchell and Rachel, High School Student Attendees of Shasta College Event

Mitchell: My name is Mitchell Beaver.
Rachel: And I'm Rachel.
Mitchell: We're at the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour at Shasta College. We just went through it, and...
Rachel: Basically, it was awesome and it was really uplifting. Everyone was in a really awesome mood.
Mitchell: Yeah
Rachel: And it was really informational. I got a ton of information that opened my eyes to a lot of opportunities and business ideas.
Mitchell: It definitely does give you - Like, you don't realize how many, like, opportunities and helpful tools there are out there to help you until you come to a, like, a thing like this and then they show you all these websites of all these people who are willing to mentor you or like give you information or like just good things that you can use to maybe even start up your own multi-billion dollar business someday.
Rachel: Y'll have people who are like really important and it's cool that at the same time they had time to come talk to us and see us.
Mitchell: It's trippin though to think that all these people who have huge hundreds of bucks of money would come and volunteer their time to like high school kids and things like that.
Rachel: It was awesome.
Mitchell: Yeah it was good.
Rachel: You're awesome.
Mitchell: You're awesome.
Roger Bruce McGee II, Student, University of Southern Mississippi

My name is Roger Bruce McGee II. I'm a student at the University of Southern Mississippi, and we just heard Arel Moodie speak and let me just say WOW! Honestly, I would say he definitely knows how to work the crowd. He kept the crowd going and then, of course, the concept of the speech is, you know, just don't give up, sharing your experiences with everybody, letting them know that what you want to do is what you want to do, and just networking something like that. Then how he got us up, he got us connected with other was brilliant, I'd have to say. Then just hearing experiences from somebody who shares something with me thinking that, you know, I'm not going to go anywhere. I'm not going to do anything, and look at what he is now. And then to have somebody who’s actually genuinely interested in what you're hearing is phenomenal and is definitely life changing. So if you do get the chance, please listen to this guy and then talk to him as well cause you'll benefit both ways.
Chris Russell, Student

Hello, Hi. I'm Chris Russell, and I'm here in Weed, CA at the College of the Siskiyous, and I thought it was completely awesome. It was just...It was amazing. It was informative, and it really makes me want to start my own business.
Becky Walker, Director, Ventura Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

I'm Becky Walker. I'm the director or the SBDC that serves Santa Barbara and Ventura counties in California. [We had 150] [attendees] give or take. You know, a few more came in and out, but every single one of them that came in the door and came out the door was just, wow, this is amazing. [They said like], "I came because I was going to get extra credit and next thing you know three hours was gone." It's amazing, and I mean lots of those people were saying “I'm going to go see you,” so we're all set. We're absolutely stoked.
Clad Cray, Student, Calvin College

Hi! My name is Clad Cray. I'm a student in Calvin College, and I just attended the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour hosted by the National Chamber Foundation here in Grand Valley State University, downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

It was an excellent event! It was wonderful to get to network with a lot of other people that have similar interests in small business and getting things rolling here in the area of local business. It was a wonderful group of speakers that came in today, and it was excellent. They were very informative. They had a lot of great theoretical and practical applications. Many of the materials we were given as well are very helpful resources and pointed us to the resources to get things really actually going. So not just saying "oh, get something going": they actually tell you how to.

Also, one of the biggest things about this event was the attitude—the atmosphere. Oftentimes, in business courses, for instance, even when going to school for business, you hear "it can be done" or "the way it is done is this," but it's very rare that you actually hear the phrase “that you can do it.” and it was very much thus positive energy here saying you can succeed, if you’re passionate about it go for it, saying that success is not the same thing as not failing because failure is a part of success.

Wonderful, great messages... Everybody, I'm sure, took away something from here. I know I took a lot. I'm excited, and I'm ready to get some stuff started.
Michael and Lupita, Attendees at Cochise College

Lupita: Hi, we're Michael and Lupita, this is our twenty-sixth-
Michael: No actually this is Michael and Lupita-
Lupita: Our twenty-sixth anniversary, and six kids later we're here at the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. Hey, you guys need to come here...we'll be here, and we just love it, we like it. There's lots to learn and we want to thank SBDC...
Michael: C, yes SBDC.
Lupita: Here at Cochise College, Malone and Mark?
Michael: Mark, yeah.
Lupita: They are awesome people at having this conference together. I don't know how they did it but the people they brought - the young minds they brought - man, they taught us so much, especially for us, people that are fifty and over, it was awesome. Thank you very much; we really appreciate it.
Interviewer: So you guys are here on your anniversary?
Michael: Yes.
Lupita: Yes.
Interviewer: Was it worth it?
Michael: Oh yeah.
Lupita: Oh yes, this is the best anniversary we've had!
Interviewer: Awesome! Can I get a high five?
Michael: Yes, sir.
Interviewer: Cool.
Lupita: Thank you.
Don Reimer, Associate Director of Entrepreneur Program, Lawrence Technological University

I'm Don Reimer with the Lawrence Technological University, and I am the Associate Director of the Entrepreneur Program at Lawrence Technological University. I wanted to just mention the pleasant experience we had with the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. It was very interesting. Our students really enjoyed the program, and we had a chance to get some feedback from them and really, it was a very, very positive experience, and it really linked theory and practice, and that's what our university is all about: the realism. Of course, the motivation was exceptional.
Janet Runge, Entrepreneurship Control Director, UNLV

Hi! I'm Janet Runge, and I'm here at UNLV. We just wrapped up another successful Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour visit. This is our second year for bringing the Tour on campus, and I can't tell you how much energy there was in the room and how excited people were about entrepreneurship when they left, and that's exactly what we were trying to do...generate positive excitement and energy for our entrepreneurship programming and the guys are just terrific to work with. It's a great thing. You should bring them.
Jeretta Nord, Faculty Advisor, Oklahoma State University

Hi. I'm Jeretta Nord from Oklahoma State University, and I'm a faculty advisor for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization. We brought the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour to our campus. It's a very high energy, awesome experience. We had about 200 students attend, and they still talk about it and are really anxious to have it back. Some of the students made contacts that ended up in jobs, and it really—with the workshop and the young speakers—it's really high energy. We thought it was the perfect thing for our program.
Darnell Gibney, Community Trainer, Brevard Job Link

It's exactly what the students needed to hear, and they were really pumped up, lots of engaging, high, you know, one-on-one communication. Couldn't think of a better way to start a work-readiness program that's going to last eight weeks.
Jacob Kaiser, Brevard Job Link

Hi. I'm Jacob Kaiser here in Brevard, Florida, and we just hosted the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour, and it was awesome. It was high energy. The kids really enjoyed it. They were really involved in all the activities, and I was just impressed with how well they paid attention and were willing to just go with the flow in all the activities.
Ryan, Student, UNLV

Hey, guys. My name is Ryan, business major here at UNLV. This is definitely the place to be—Entrepreneurship Tour second year attending. First time I came blew me away; second time I came back naturally amazing, brought some friends this time. No matter where your walk is in your business, if you haven't started up anything yet, just get down here. It nurtures all aspects of that, so just keep it in mind, give it a chance.

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