Praise for EET

We know we do good work. We know we bend over backwards to make our clients happy, but we don't expect you to take our word for it. Below is just a small sampling of positive comments we've received from students and schools. ALL of our events have gone really well, and we'd be happy to introduce you to any of our clients for a reference.

Unsolicited Testimonials

I attended your Extreme Entrepreneurship workshop yesterday. With this email, I just want to let you know that the presentation was simply "amazing". I was really glad I came to that workshop, and I gained a lot of information and motivation to reach my goals from that workshop. Simply put, it was really the most valuable 4-hours of my life.

I just want to say thanks for bringing that workshop to Michigan Tech campus, and I am looking forward to another great workshop/ presentation from you and the Extreme Entrepreneurship team. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Eric Tangko, Michigan Tech

This event went soooo well! We had almost 300 show up - we had snow in the northern tier so some weren't able to come at the last minute. The speakers were phenomenal! Everything just went so well - great messages, great activities, it was all just fun and engaging! My hat is off to you, Michael, Elizabeth, Arel, and Robert! We are well on our way to that entrepreneurial renaissance! I continue to get thank you notes from administrators and students who attended the EET! It was really a hit out here, and I want you to know you have helped light a fire out here that is really a great jumping off point for us to continue to look at entrepreneurial education for our young adults! And we thank you for that!

Judy Amoo, Western Nebraska Community College

I just wanted to say that the entrepreneur tour was such an amazing experience for me! Since the occasion I am planning to move to Bowling Green and study design for the fall semester. I'll be going during my spring break to check out the campus and look for apartments. You know before the tour I was feeling that my dreams were over and life was what it is, you know that feeling when you realize you’re not a kid anymore and that most of the dreams you had won't come true, but because of the tour I now feel like my dreams are still possible to attain. I'm really scared, maybe because I'm not guaranteed success with design, not like Accounting. But I know if I learn what I need to there won't be no stopping me, I'll make it!

Student, Kentucky Community and Technical College System

I learned how you should do what you love no matter the amount of money you make.

James Stanley

It was very enjoyable to see people our age doing great things new and giving us insight on how to get there.

Jordan Day

This event helped me realize how much more I could accomplish through using these simple principles.

Aaron Diamond

This is a program that EVERY student should attend. It doesn't just teach the principles of entrepreneurship, it teaches the principles of success.

Ian Beacraft

I really enjoyed the conference last Monday at GWU. And it certainly helped me in that I had been contemplating a business idea, and had done all the feasibility and business planning, but after the conference on Monday, I put in the mail the incorporation request on Friday. So, you can count me in a direct result of you and Ryan's counseling. I hope I do well in the business. Take care.

Kadiatou F. Sidibe, George Washington University

I attended the tour at Columbus State University and loved it! I would love to keep in touch with you guys if I may. You all are doing a great thing! Keep going. One day I will tour with you!

Laura Buehrle, Columbus State University

I'm currently attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas . I went to the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour and absolutely loved it. Was very inspiring.

Cash Helwig, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Just sending you an email saying thank you again for the workshop and talking to us. I had a blast and really got new inspiration out of it. I have been so busy getting stuff done with my company I've not had time to let you know whats up. I have had lots of customers and I'm getting ready to meet with the community colleges support team to discuss doing systems for them. But I also just got registered as a reseller for almost all the hardware I sell I'm so excited I owe you and the rest of your team so much for inspiring me to do this.

Derek Drummond, President of MegaGamers LLC

Thanks a lot for the incredible presentation. You did an excellent job.

Troy Conlin, Oklahoma State University

I wanted to tell you about my amazing news!!!!!!!! I sent out a bunch of press releases and my local newspaper is going to write an article about me next week! all about my business and what it does! thought you would be excited to hear this! Thanks for all the ideas and the insperation to really get cracking on my business! That seminar really changed my life. I'll keep you posted.

Katie, Garden Of Edith Design

I met you at the extreme tour at Pueblo Community College in Pueblo Colorado . I enjoyed the seminar. I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much I appreciated your message. It was an inspiration. You can see the project I’m working on below in my business card.

Timothy Guyton, Pueblo Community College

It was great to meeting you guys here in Gunnison a few weeks ago. I have been inspired by the tour, and I am working on my business idea right now.

Ryan Donovan, Western State College - Gunnison

I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the event at OSU this past Thurs. afternoon. I enjoyed meeting you and your guest speakers. Your vision is certainly making a huge impact on young people in getting their attention and how they too can become successful. You are inspiration to so many young and older that we all can reach for more and get it.

Tammy Boylan , Oklahoma State University

First of all, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed listening to you and Pat speak yesterday. I am a student at Michigan Tech, and I attended the first half of the session and had a great time! It was very energetic and interesting and I enjoyed listening to everyone's stories.”

I was pleased to met you at the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour. It was delightful to hear about your business background.

Angie Kettinger, Western State College of Colorado

It was nice to get to know your wife and you, both of you are awsome. The Extreme Entrepreneur is fantastic, I enjoyed it. I wanted to thank you for coming.

Maria Ruiz, University of Texas El Paso

Since the tour came to town I've done nothing but lie awake at night thinking of new ideas for business ventures. I've got an amazing plan now, and have started contacting contractors.

Daniel Stewart

I started up the computer manufacturing part of the business the Friday after the workshop. I have already gotten a Logo designed, a bank account, and now I am working on a spreadsheet of my vendors and costs of products.”
-Derek Drummond

My students had a blast! They loved that you were so approachable. They really liked that fact that you each had overcome your own adversities. It really helped them to see that they could also succeed despite the obstacles.

Rita Friberg, Pueblo Community College

Thank you so much for coming to FSU! You created an amazing event. People I don't know will stop and tell me how great it was. I don't know what I want to do but I hope whatever I decided to do in life impacts people the way you and your husband have. Thank you again!

Kara Woods, Fairmont State University

You really helped me pluck up my courage!

Cassandra Baca, Student, Metro state College - Denver

I wanted to say thanks for coming to speak to us at App State. You did a really good job. I loved you level of energy.

Page Trimble, Appalachian State University

Hey thanks for coming to Appalachian. I am glad I decided to attend. I felt like I learned a lot. I don't know if you come to schools on a yearly basis, but I think with the entrepreneurship concentration just getting started at Appalachian there would surely be a growing interest if you were to return in the future.

James Perez, Appalachian State University

The Entrepreneurship Tour was Amazing;) I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to hear the amazing story about how entrepreneurs can achieve their dreams. I really started thinking about how I can make my dream come true. I currently have a few gumball machines and now I realized that this is a little step towards my goal. I rememberd to take small steps. I want to eventually open a clothing store after I graduate. I also want to open a youth recreation center because their is a lot of children that do not have the opportunity to join any sports because of their financial situation. I want to open this recreation center to all children, even if their family is financially challenged. My recreation center is going to be for the all children so they have something fun to do instead of roaming the streets.

Gena Kramer, Peublo Community College

Thank you for coming to Owensboro last week. I thought that the speakers had a lot of great advice and information for high school seniors and college students. I hope that the tour returns next year. As an educator in Owensboro , I believe that more students and educators need to attend this event. The speakers were inspiring and encouraging. It’s amazing that they have achieved so much in so short a time. Dreams do come true.

Scott Lowe, Owensboro Catholic High School

You all did an awesome job. It was great to attend. I learned a lot and you 20-somethings motivated me greatly. I brought my class and I look forward to getting their feedback. Thanks for what you do and have a great rest of the tour!

Neil Bradley, Faculty, West Kentucky University

I thank you. I learned a lot of key things, and got inspired.”
-Nathan Rambo Witherspoon, Alumni, West Kentucky University

I attended the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour in Owensboro , KY. I had the homebuilt recumbent trike. Really liked the presentation. Thanks again!

Cliff Carlock, Student, Kentucky Community and Technical College System

The group I was with had our picture taken in front of the bus! It was awesome. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new things. Thanks a lot!

Mariah Stiles, Student, Tell City High School

Testimonials From Post-Event Evals

This was an exceptional presentation that applies to both business and quality of life. This information is useful for everyone business of not.

Overall I am very impressed with the presentation/workshop.

This was an amazing experience for me. I loved every part, especially the panel.

The speakers were great and inspired me to begin taking my dreams/ideas and begin making them reality. The panel was the best mode to gain insight into ideas that are important to us.

I thought the testimonials were great, especially the comment about surrounding yourselves with people where you will see yourself. (positive influence)

This was an exceptional presentation that applies to both business and quality of life. This information is useful for everyone business of not.

Overall I am very impressed with the presentation/workshop.

This was an amazing experience for me. I loved every part, especially the panel.

The speakers were great and inspired me to begin taking my dreams/ideas and begin making them reality. The panel was the best mode to gain insight into ideas that are important to us.

I thought the testimonials were great, especially the comment about surrounding yourselves with people where you will see yourself. (positive influence)

It was very informative and fun to actually realize that this "entrepreneurship" is not a big scary monster. It was nice to have it be tangible.

This workshop has moved me from thinking, to planning, to action.

The network section broke down the communication apprehension barrier. This event is a great motivational tool to anyone who wants to progress in any venture! I enjoyed it. Thank you.

I thought the testimonials were great especially the comment about surrounding yourselves w/people were you will see yourself.(positive influence) Was perfect and to the point. Really good advices came up all the time.

Overall I am very impressed with the presentation/workshop. I gave 5 on workshop b/c not a lot of time was devoted to it. I think people may change if they have more time for reflection.

Successful Testimonials. Effective because that program required action plans on my part - accountability.

Very inspiring - the goal setting workshop was great! Great speakers!

The panel was really informative and to our advantage as students. We now have increased our motivation of one day becoming entrepreneurs.

Very informative and the speakers were great. I thought all of the presented points were very helpful. Didn't stay all day, but it was great in the beginning!

Basically just hearing the stories the panelist told about how to cope with the fear aspect of entrepreneurship has given me support.

This workshop was very inspirational. I think that the speakers were very energetic and down to earth, very easy to connect with.

Thank you so much. I very glad that I came and see this panel. I meet new people and I glad.

Great event. Offer it more. Loved all speakers.

Very inspirational, a good kick in the butt to do something and take action.

I thought everyone did very well. I think that you all had great insights on how to develop a vision. You make me think of things I never would have :) Very lively, energetic and great heart.

Even though I don't plan on being an entrepreneur, today helped me realize what I want to do in life.

I have to say that the challenges the panel and other guest speakers went through made me feel I was not the only one

Keynote speakers were great / inspirational. Host seemed like she was very rehearsed - too memorized, but still passionate w/ good points!

Great job, great speakers! I was impressed with the quality of the message.

I have attended events like this before, but this one actually focuses more on motivation, which is important to a young aspiring business owner.

You have great speakers for this tour!

I am less scared to pitch my idea now than I was before.

Overall the event was very useful. I like the speakers and everyone was friendly enough to answer my questions.

MC was great, very inspiring! Very helpful for myself and my students - thanks for coming to our campus.

This was an exceptional presentation that applies to a business and quality of life. This information is useful for everyone business of nat.

The speakers were passionate and enthusiastic and did a good job interacting with the audience and answering questions.

It was very informative and fun to actively realize that this "entrepreneurship" is not a big scary master. It was nice to have it be tangible.

I enjoyed listening to the speakers’ advice and I hope to carry forward on what I learned today.

Effective because that program required action plans on my part - accountability.

Though this was extremely helpful and interesting.

Very good speakers and information. Useful and helpful details.

Very inspirational, a good kick in the butt to do something and take action.

Great speakers - I like the younger people "running the show" it makes it easier for us to relate to them.

Very informational, the speakers were very helpful in relating their message. Thank you for coming!

I think the speakers did a great job of being motivational and helped the audience want to take action.

The speakers and event as a whole were exceptional. Thanks for all the informational and advice for all of us. Keep it up!

Great program. It will be inspiring to many young aspiring entrepreneurs.

I enjoyed both speakers, they were great! They put a lot of personal touches that helped make the points more memorable.

I think this was a very helpful, motivating and enlightening session/event. I am even now more than ever fired up to start a business.

Really cool and the speakers are enthusiastic and tie you in. I liked it.

This tour has peaked my interest in starting a company. I always said I wanted to start a company, but now I actually plan on pursuing it.

I thought the speakers were actually very good and motivational. Helped me out, think it's cool to actually be here.

This tour made me seriously consider that my business plan is something I can start on today.

I thought it was cool that most of the speakers were recent graduates, makes school seem worthwhile.

I like the fact that you give away free stuff and the speakers were great.

I felt it was great! I was really inspired especially when everyone including speakers were young! It felt like I could do anything.

I loved keynote 1. Lots of energy and fun. I loved talking with new people too.

It was great! Good mix of guest speakers. I've been to other motivational seminars, & I could tell that we (the audience) were focused. Thanks

You were fun and great at leveling with us.

I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the speakers and the analogy of the money/book giveaway demonstration particularly.

Fantastic, Inspiring, Informative!

Arel was great at getting us involved. The energy he created was worth it to get us involved.

I have little to compare this event with. It's my belief that our state needs more of this kind of information.

I loved Ryan's talk. I was 22 when I started my business. I wish I had heard him speak 11 years ago- I might have made my first million already.

I really did enjoy both speakers. My favorite was Molly; she seems so personable and real. Speakers were informative & entertaining.

It was fun, I enjoyed it! Thanks for making the day fun.

Having an opportunity to meet with organization that can help start or give advice to future entrepreneurs really encourages individuals to succeed in their dreams.

Speakers are great and I learned a lot from their experience and stories. I am encouraged to think and start my own business.

I thought the tour was wonderful. I enjoyed that you asked local business owners to speak.

Educating the upcoming youthful businessmen and women are essential to keeping America self-sufficient and Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour does just that.

I appreciate how the speakers gave their time to share their business experiences with us. Their advice & encouragement in our endeavors as entrepreneurs.

Everyone seemed to be very in depth and professional with their speeches. I think and hope that the information that was provided will help me in my future.

We too, are crazy about business and making money. The greatest point was social responsibilities to the nation and family.

You are very good speakers, but you make it seem like it is too easy to start a business. Great speakers, fun atmosphere, good time.

I really enjoyed the speakers and I felt that they were very passionate about what they believed.

People jumping for tape money was great. Very supportive. Good information.

I appreciated the speaker who talked about growing up in a rough part of New York. It gave me hope.

Point people in the right direction and being positive about it :)

Great speakers! Students need more of programs like this! This is the best way to stimulate the economy!

The variety of panel speakers was great because I was able to relate to a few and others I spoke to (that were at different stages) were able to relate to others!

Excellent, very informative, learned a lot.

I really enjoyed this speaker. He really made me understand what entrepreneurs are about. Extremely helpful; opened my eyes about the possibilities.

The speaker is very energetic and has a powerful presentation. His appearance is extremely tasteful and professional. It was nice to interact with the audience .

Very helpful to know there are others out there with similar goals & ideas as mine.

Wonderful speakers who work well as a team. Great quotes + thoughts.

Arel Moodie reinforced several things I know, Ryan Allis and Michael give me a couple aha! Moments.

I really enjoyed the candid and inspiring comments made, which are humble beginnings which gives me much hope to continue with my bowling dream no matter what challenge comes my way.

Great info! All speakers were helpful - I love the energy.

Speakers are awesome, very motivating and now I have a different perspective of entrepreneurship and accomplishing things. More material (actual writing stuff down would be great).

Very helpful, gives you their story of trials and success.

I loved the seminar. I thought it was very helpful and informative. I think that this should be a yearly event. I really enjoyed learning and hearing about other peoples accomplishments.

Sweet program... Wish there was more!

Very informative and the speakers were great. I thought all of the presented points were very helpful.

It showed me how to think outside of the box when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur.

The speakers were great and inspired me to begin taking my dreams/ideas begin making them reality. The panel was the best mode to gain insight into ideas that are important to us.

Every thing was great. A lot of resources available.

This was a helpful experience for me and I will use the knowledge I gained in my future entrepreneurial endeavors.

I feel that it was a good event. Very useful. It refreshed thing in my head to be successful when I get out of school.

Very well presented / good event to bring to campus.

This gave me an insight into making my dreams come true.

It was not only helpful, but fun! Thanks, it seems like Fairmont state really loved you guys!

It was great. Gave me new ideas for the future. Thanks!

I thought it was excellent & found it full of the most useful information.

Wonderful energy, ideas, and greatly appreciated. Please come again.

Great! Please introduce the same thing and spirit in Germany (my home country)

A very interesting approach to personal inspiration - thanks!

Courageous, open-hearted and inspiring

This was amazing. I feel that now I am empowered to go out and make a difference. Even though I am only 19, I know I can start NOW!

Highly motivational! Great way of getting people to connect & encourage one another.

Great event! Only wish more people would have attended. Finally realized my dreams can be achieved and I just need to take action and have courage to see them through to fruition.

After today, I realize that my mission/direction for what I wanted to do was unclear. I learned how to turn my abstract ideas into concrete action to achieve my dreams.

Today I came thinking I wouldn't want to be an entrepreneur, now I can see that it is a real opportunity to help to fruition the unique ideas that I have.

Well put together event. Well thought out. Insight that will be used for a few years to come.

Your event was a great eye opener! We all have ideas but coming to this event gets us a step further toward our vision.

Great show. Allowed me to get to know my faculty member better.

This was very powerful.

This was definitely a worthwhile event to attend. I learned a lot and it got me thinking a lot more about my goals. Thanks & great job!

The materials presented today were excellent at motivating me, but I thought they were a little light on the how.

I believe that it is very useful event to the students.

Being able to hear from young entrepreneurs is a great way to inspire creative thought. I am glad that there was this element to the presentation.

I feel so motivated to achieve my dream of teaching golf. Thank you all so much.

I have been in business for 10 years, and failed due to lack of marketing skills. I have no business plan. I have changed that business, am working on bus. Plan. Your encouragement was very uplifting to me.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I really appreciate you all and all the knowledge you've provided.

I enjoyed all the advice from speakers and understand it’s the education I need more to start my own Aztec dance group.

The best thing you did was inspire. That is really all that can be done. You have provided awesome tools to help us find our dreams.

Like wow. All I have in skills I pretty much realize they can be used in things I've only dreamed.

I believe thanks to all of you. I am closer now than ever before to getting my company started so I can help others.

Everything was easy to understand. The energy was great. The interaction helped a lot. You’re doing a great job of keeping it real. I would say that the way your working your advertising is good because it keeps people from getting the sense that their being sold. I would say continue keeping advertising out of your speech and keep the meat your message!

The motivation focus is helpful to start people moving towards their goals but more technical content will be of greater worth.

This was a great tour. Good energy, information and enthusiasm.

I think everything that you do is helpful. Helping the young to strive to be better and successful. Great program.

I really enjoyed this event and became more motivated in opening a spa (high end). I also came upon lots of help.

I think 1-3 things a day excellent idea.

I always wanted my own business & now I have the tools to do it. This sky is the limit!!

I really impress of your guys. You do an awesome job. Thank you.

I am very grateful that our teacher requested that we attend this summer. Michael and Sheena are very blessed to have each other and to be in business together.

It was good how you used stories to put the situation into real life.

My inspiration was ultimately renewed. I started to feel overwhelmed but this has relit the fire under my ass.

I really enjoyed the whole experience. Everyone was real friendly and energetic which make me feel less nervous and more comfortable.

Good help, ideas, very friendly, motivational.

God bless your mission and goals and continue to give you all wisdom & testimony to touch your people.

I am really happy you came to our college. I now know how to manage and enjoy starting a business.

Thank you for the motivation is letting me know I can succeed!

This was very good. It gave me so much information to get started sooner than 10 years and were and how to look for help.

I thought everything today was very interesting and helpful.

I was surprised by the up-hill battles they all faced and still came out so successful. Thank you very much.

I just want to say this is definitely an experience to remember, the info and speeches were very helpful.

This is the exact thing that everyone thinks about all the time but was nice for you guys to slap us in the face & make us realize that it is time to act & do something.

A great reminder and inspiration to everyone that has forgotten that their personal dreams and goals are achievable.

Great energy, Great skills and steps discussed.

The event was well put together with good info. I've been through trainings like this a few times before, which is why the scores aren’t higher.

Enjoyed the information provided and brought to light. Found many interesting steps toward success. Keynote - awesome, insightful; Workshop - interesting; Networking - meeting new people; Panel - insightful.

Great presentation! It’s hard to crossover that 40 year learning gap!

Lots of great ideas, very motivating. Great workbook and handouts- enjoyed how community was involved in beginning.

This was a pretty rad event - and I think you guys will inspire many to start now - and take action!

Combination of inspiration and information very helpful and motivational.

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and hope to be an inspiration as you all have been today.

Michael and Sheena are admirable young entrepreneurs who have done a great job of exposing the true opportunity of business ownership.

Good advice! Very useful information that would be otherwise hard to find.

Much enjoyed & I appreciate your motivation.

Inspirational - made me want to get out there.

I think that the information presented was very helpful to starting my own business.

I told everyone involved, this is an awesome event and wished something like this was out there in college when I was in school. Keep planting seeds in young people this country needs a business resource and this is how it will happen. Workshop - Liked it, but I think it could have flowed a little better with a little more structure; Networking - I did get 5, hard to do while getting/eating pizza; Panel - Good info and questions.

I was in it only for a short time. It was very motivational and this is an important element.

Thank you so much for having such an eye opening tour. Many people know what they want, but not how to achieve it.

It very encouraging and educational, and also made me think. I loved it!!!

Good job taking breaks, keeping our interest. Not acting like superstars and relating to the students and speaking from the heart. Your tour opens entrepreneurs’ minds.

I enjoyed the presentation. This was good connection between the speaker and audience. I'm 43 this year so it really is too late for me to meet my goals by 25 but 50 is looking good.

Great ! I love learning from successful people. I did take home 2 Great things. Thank you!

I liked the fact that you have real people.

Seminar was very helpful. Got advice that I will use in my own company.

I have several new websites and searches to do online, now after today's program.

I enjoyed learning success stories and how they can apply to me so I can be successful.

Well done! I have many ideas but would love to work with you and your friends.

Great enthusiasm - where do you get the energy?

I liked what I was able to stay for. Got my brain thinking. Thanks for coming to IWCC!

I think it's great that you try to inspire others to be successful. I keep saying that I am going to write a book, but I haven't started yet. I am going to take Ryan's advice and just start now. Thanks for your time.

Keep doing this. You guys are doing a good thing.

Start today good advice. Hadn't thought of social entrepreneur before. Workshop and network not helpful.

Great! I love learning from successful people. I did take home two great things, thank you!

I thought that the entire thing was done really well. Thanks! Quotations at the beginning were specifically motivating.

I like the checklist/resources in the book. I plan to execute "set up shop" on Mondays.

Very inspiring. The $10 lesson in the beginning was great -- reminded me of school for scoundrels. The real people with real stories were great as well.

I like the pictures in the presentation. They are more powerful than words. I also like the panel.

I had never considered starting a business while in college, but it is true that it is really the perfect time and I am going to look into now.

Great job guys. Go ahead. I don't read books that do not inspire me… I don't listen to commercial "guys" who just inherited wealth and talk on entrepreneurs (Trumps, etc.)…and you did inspire me today!

I loved this tour. It was really useful. Made me think about a lot of things that I've never thought of. I am walking but today with a clear idea of what I want to do in life.

Thanks. I wish I had more time today to stick around. I appreciate all the encouragement and support you have for young entrepreneurs.

It really opened my eyes to things that were obvious, that will really help my business. Very inspirational.

Even for someone who is in business, it's events like this that help motivate and restructure my future. Speakers were good and I know you want to "fit in" with the 18-23 year olds in presence but a hair more professionalism & cohesiveness would be good.

Very inspirational, just enough keynotes to give information, not too lengthy.

Very inspiring, it's nice to hear success stories and know that even goldfish can sell!

I always knew I was an entrepreneur, BUT this tour confirmed it and encouraged me to continue fulfilling my dreams! Keynote 1 - Made the event! Keynote 2 - Insightful. Fun story. Did not bring across well. Workshop - Enjoyed being forced to put into practice right now.

The success stories were a motivation to many of us in attendance

Thank you for giving us useful tools.

Awesome, please come back next year!!!

Enjoyable, easy to listen to and relate.

I really enjoyed this session. It opened my mind up to different things I never thought of.

I thought it was really great that we learned so much about this event.

This was a rejuvenating experience.

Thanks! Very helpful information. This event motivated me to do what I used to think was impossible. Thanks again.

I think it was awesome. You helped me a lot. Wow, it was fun too.

I take students (middle/high school) to many different events. This has been, by far, one of the best events I have ever taken students to. It both inspired and educated. Thank you so much!

You all did a marvelous job and it really got me back on track of my goals.

This day was the day my destiny was confirmed. You guys made having our business attainable and realistic. I will succeed.

I wasn't here for all of it, however it was very uplifting to know people were willing to work with me regarding their experiences / knowledge.

Since I came here today I would like to work harder on my own business and I know you can do it when you...

I found this event very educational. I am a junior and I want to major in business and one day I will own my own business. Thank you very much.

This was a great chance to hear from young entrepreneurs about the trials they went through.

I just want to thank you for your time and I really enjoyed this. Fulfilling my dreams is very important and now I have more confidence in myself.

Everything was great, keep up the work y'all.

You guys were GREAT, thanks.

I thought it was very useful. Also, it actually inspired me and gave me an idea while I was sitting here. Thank you.

I really enjoyed the content of this presentation. It has inspired me to reach my goals and how to at least get started.

I think it was great, supplied good information.

This presentation has given me a new confidence in my future business.

Good presentation. Told me a lot that I didn't know about young people and how they can make a difference.

This was a much needed event to help motivate me in my current business

The info given was very useful, so were the stories shared. It's good to know that it wasn't easy for you also to get where you are now. People are able to relate.

WOW. I loved everything I learned, saw, and the people I encountered. Thanks.

You are doing a great job! I have been inspired to change some life goals.

Inspirational to everyone - not only students. I liked that it was general enough to encompass many goals, but not too vague as to seem impersonal to each individual. Wish the panel could have been longer.

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour was very informative. It provided much information and motivation for anyone looking to open their own business, especially the younger crowd.

"I strongly believe the entrepreneur mindset applies to all areas of life."

It's very inspiring to know that others are willing to give you advice and help you on your quest to start a business.

This event has taught me as well has motivated me to take action in furthering my business.

Great presentation. The speakers answered questions well and definitely motivated me to take a step forward in business.

Awesome! I feel inspired to take action now and not wait to start my own business

Overall I really enjoyed the seminar. I enjoyed listening to how they became successful and how I can make it too. GREAT JOB!

I appreciate the student workbook you put together. It provides me with a lot of useful & valuable info.

People like me flourish from events these. Thank you for providing me with this wonderful opportunity.

The Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour was the most informative conference I have ever attended on the topic of entrepreneurship. I would highly recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur.

This is a program that EVERY student should attend. It doesn’t just teach the principles of entrepreneurship, it teaches the principles of success.

I really found this presentation to be very motivating. It has really motivated me to think right now and to start being active in what I want to do.

This is a great idea. The speech was inspiring and helped me realize some better life organization. Thank you.

A very good presentation, providing a lot of useful information and sparking that spirit within me to go forward and succeed.

Great! I wish had this opportunity many years ago. I have 2 sons, 31 & 25, that I'll share this info with. Thank You!

Individuals’ comments about the real world of entrepreneurship very helpful (i.e. 5 year to develop and build a business)

I thought of first when you started it was going to be like a "used car salesman pitch", It wasn't. We need to sell ourselves with a goal. Lunch was good. Not enough time to really network.

I greatly enjoyed the presentation and it and it has inspired me to write down my goals.

Incredibly motivating. Concrete information. Great examples. Wonderful! Thank you!

I'm impressed that our local community college was willing to support a program such as this - very encouraging & informative - & believable!

I very much appreciated all (expect this pen that doesn't work well). I'm fired up and ready to roll! Much of what was presented I am doing. Thanks.

Great presentation! (Gave all the sessions "20"'s)

First time I experienced an event like this. It was very informative. Good information and resources were presented.

Wow - what a great glimpse into the mind of world changing people from my generation!!!

Great presentation. Great subject. Excellent speakers.

You were all very inspirational and fun.

I traveled 1 hr (long time in this area) to get here and it was very worthwhile. Loved the energy and spirit of the group.

I learned that you have to be passionate about what you do.

Thank you very much. You helped me in term of attitude, action and I am sure I'll achieve my goals and be happy while doing it!

I think everything was really good. It really motivated me to make my own business and encouraged me to open more my confident box.

I just wanted thank you. It really opened my eyes in what I can do now.

Hard to say. Y'all did a very good job.

I found your stories extremely inspirational. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and have been able to better orientate my goals due to this.

Really enjoyed the presentation. There are many things to be had in listening to the advice, sometimes I wished I had recorded it.

I think the tour is awesome. Great information and really motivate.

Extreme Entrepreneur Tour is a great motivational tool that any level of student can utilize for future entrepreneurial practice. It is a well worth training program.

The positive thing of this presentation it was that we really have the chance of talk with the speakers.

I thought this was a very helpful conference and I look forward in trying all the stuff mentioned.

You guys are awesome. You are all very inspirational to young future entrepreneurs.

I'm not just choosing 10 because I am nice, but because I really think you are energetic people who talk with the truth and are not boring at all.

I truly enjoyed this event and I found it to be very helpful and I will leave here today with a strong motivation to achieve my goals.

The event was amazing and I had such a great time experiencing it. Listening to your experiences and advice has really help me to get a better idea on how to achieve my goals.

This was a great experience for me. I went to the National Conference in Chicago, and when I saw Michael Simmons here in UTEP, I got very excited. Thanks all of you!! :)

This event helped me and has motivated me to take the risk of things and always think positive and always try my best.

This was amazing and helped me motivate myself even more! GREAT Presentation.

Very helpful. I have more interest in one day starting my own business (and more confidence and knowledge as well). Good call with a Michigan Tech Alum and Michigan Tech Student.

I thought it was very interesting and beneficial to all of us to have the speakers tell us what they've been through.

I really enjoyed the section that forced you to write down your mission and goals. I think this program could grow a lot to become a yearly event at schools that prepare their students for it and encourage their enterprises to get involved.

I am not a business major, however, I thought your presentation was very helpful to understanding yourself. Very helpful to see people who follow their dreams, and not money.

Great energy, the personal stories made it more interesting and made my goals feel more obtainable.

Keep doing what you do! Everything you guys did in the presentation was engaging and exiting. I learned a lot about who I can be and about being an entrepreneur.

All speakers presented their thoughts and ideas very well to people who have limited knowledge.

A really great, inspirational, and helpful presentation. I am amazed with the content of the presentation, and it really gives me the "passion" to do more with my life.

It was very motivational. I appreciate the honesty in the stories and advice. Thinking about my mission, vision and goals was difficult and challenging, but I'm more motivated now to pursue them.

Great event to listen to insightful and young people. It is great to relate with people similar in age who have found the success we are all looking for. Four hours well spent. I had never really thought about what my vision and mission were. This workshop really has made me think and talking with others about my vision has really set it in my mind that I CAN DO IT!

I liked this event. It was a good learning experience. Very good and useful information.

Getting everyone to interact was a really good idea.

They were good & insightful. The speakers seemed to know their businesses.

None because it was good. Just that the panel really helped me out.

None! I highly enjoyed how this all went and found myself way more confident in what I may want to do for my life.

This was awesome presentation. Hopefully I start my own business and may become part of the tour.

I like this workshop and it had me thinking a lot about my future and what I want to do to have my own business.

Keep people more involved. This event was very helpful and I will walk away with the tools to start my own business.

Thank you, very informative. I am ready to go out and start my own business.

You guys handled your business.

The event was very interesting. Good information presented. Great advice given to those who want to start a business.

I like how the speakers interact with the audience.

Everything today was so helpful and I am much more educated about starting my own business now.

You guys are very helpful. I wasn't going to come because I thought it would be pointless but I was wrong. Josh Kowitt stuck out because his business failed then he brought it back up.

It was awesome. Makes me think just do it. You've been dreaming about this for so long. So I'm hoping with the right support and knowledge I think I will do great. You guys did an awesome job with action, encouragement, and letting know your failures, success, and experiences.

I just want to say thank you for taking time out of your busy life to teach us kids about entrepreneurship and set us up for our future.

You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work and reach out to the younger business generation.

I thought it was very helpful and interesting. I think it is such a good to go around to schools and present to students.

This presentation was really hopeful and really fun.

As an instructor teaching entrepreneurship, I found this to be an incredible way to back up my teaching to my students.

This program was really helpful in getting me to focus on what until now was just a vague idea.

Great information. I enjoyed everything.

This was the best program we've had @ CSU. Mr. Simmons personally gave me some information that I have never thought of to have my own start up.

It was great the way you involved the audience throughout the presentation.

This is the best program I've seen at my 4 years at CSU. Very helpful.

Honest and sincere answers; interesting and educational.

This workshop is very helpful for young entrepreneurs even if they are not business oriented. The panel discussion was great.

I think this was a great event! I was able to network and meet new people and discover my own goods.

Listening to others testimonials and life stories, I have fine tuned an Idea for placing college students with internships and mentors.

Every student should have to attend this! This is better than any college class! What you are doing is amazing! Thank you!!

I love the tour, and wish it was offered every semester at USM.

I loved listening to EET.

This seminar was GREAT and right on time. I close on purchasing my first business in 2 days and I am so thankful this tour came when it did and I was able to attend.

I think that these personal testimonies are as good as it gets

I only got a chance to see the panel session, but it was very helpful. The tour should last at least two days!

This tour was very helpful in providing information and guidance to be in entrepreneur

Very Informative and fun, you guys should come teach us in class

Every speaker had something to offer that we could relate to. It was very good!

Every thing was outstanding. The enthusiasm of the tour members was felt by everyone!

The personal experiences of hardship and determination. Maybe he what new businesses you're thinking of…how to come up with a new biz idea

I really enjoy the format that the workshop.

Allowing the panel more time is very helpful as it gives us a voice to our goals and helps us understand the struggle but instills hope to strive forward

The event was great overcoming the obstacles from within the rightfully focused on, as this is so important

All of you are excellent speakers I really enjoyed hearing your stories

Regardless of anyone in the room wanting to start a personal business, the positive reinforcement of motivating/self-starting was incredible. Everyone has to take that step to start the rest of their lives.

I thought that the speakers have very good information, and the fact that they are our age makes me want to listen and learn from their experience.

I really enjoyed the presentation and I learned a lot! Thanks so much for coming

I enjoyed listening to all the speakers and have more motivation than ever to start my own business

Very good pane insight information.

I think this is a very useful program and I wish all the success in the world

I enjoyed everything. My story is different, but at the same time, very similar. It makes me believe that my dreams will become a reality.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

This was more than I expected I liked the way we did the speed networking

I found the entire session very motivating I will start on my business plan tonight

I really enjoyed the speaker and I think it’s so cute they are married. It makes me realize I can be successful and have a happy marriage.

Starts out sort of cheesy, great motivation to encourage people to go after their goals.

Really great people. You guys are actually nice and really inspiring. Thanks for taking the time and being honest with us about failure as a necessary step in business.

I though it was great. I like the way the speaker used personal experiences.

It was interesting to listen to actual young entrepreneurs who took their passion and made it into something profitable and enjoyable.

Honestly, I have never experienced any event like this; this was a great opportunity to gain knowledge about the business world.

I really liked the parallel between love and work.

I'm glad you came to USM.

He did a great job. He kept me interested. The iceberg was the best part. Does speaker need a girl friend? The second speaker is hot!

Do any of you guys need a girlfriend? Keynote #2-you looked so cute short hair!

The guys were very humble & easy to relate to & I appreciate that.

Very fun and interesting presentation. Speakers were very inspirational.

Good information and motivation to help me want to push forward to being an entrepreneur.

This program was amazing! Mr. Simmons really gave me insight and I will be pursuing my dreams.

I thought the seminar was very good. I wish I was able to stay for the entire seminar. The speakers had a lot of energy.

I am 42 years old and have a business. I was informed about of things that I had really researched. I am also inspired even more to pursue my dreams. I enjoyed myself.

Rather unique. Liked hearing about the entrepreneurs' ventures.

Very nicely done, great information. Love to have speaker come to Job Corps.

I really enjoyed the session and the ideas that came out of it. Very good motivational tools to start your own venture.

All of you have inspired me so much and I thank God you all made this tour, and one day I will contact you to let you know that you helped my dream come true as a designer.

Thank you...I appreciate you all helping out our community and encouraging us to start a business in our community.

Good for young entrepreneurs to come and learn some great things about business and success

I feel very motivated to start my career

I enjoyed this went very inspirational, just want to say thanks for having us.

The information given from the successful people there ran chills throughout me as if I was just given the biggest chance to make a million and take positive action.

Very inspirational, that was a confidence builder

Very helpful, great info. Helped me to go on with my dreams.

Entrepreneurship never seemed a possibility until I heard these great speakers and all the info they had for us.

An awesome, high-energy event with great speakers and fantastic motivation to get us to take action! The entire day moved very quickly. Thanks for coming to Owensboro.

Even though I don't plan on being an entrepreneur. Today helped me realize what I want to do in life.

This workshop has moved me from thinking, to planning, to action.

The information I received today, was very helpful is helping me further my business career.

Your motivation is invaluable; you hit the nail on the head A LOT today.

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